Fragilex Canada Foundation


In addition to counseling, environmental adjustments, and behavioral plans, medication may be helpful when dealing with sensory processing and overload issues, a major issue with Fragile X syndrome:

Anxiety may be a significant problem for most males and some females with Fragile X syndrome. Anti-anxiety drugs are often prescribed to help lower anxiety levels.

Aggressive Outbursts affect some males with Fragile X syndrome and some anti-anxiety (serotonin agents) may be helpful, in that they reduce the anxiety that causes the outbursts.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is another area that often requires medical intervention for many. Attention problems interact with sensory overload issues, in that the affected person attends to too many stimuli (i.e., the sound of fluorescent lights, the sight of too many decorations on the wall, etc.). Assessment for ADHD may result in medical intervention. Medication may help some patients focus better, by managing their sensory overload, anxiety, and some of their social disorders.  

In addition, physicians can investigate the latest research findings in order to recommend the best therapeutic strategies or medications available.