FMR1 gene name change

The FMR1 gene and FMRP protein have officially been renamed to fragile X messenger ribonucleoprotein 1. Thanks to the European Fragile X Network for leading the efforts to change the name of the Fragile X gene and...

Mailing Adress

Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada has a new Mailing Address: 777 Tapscott Rd., Scarborough ON  M1X 1A2 This address is for mail...

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Research grants

CFXF has partnered with FRAXA to provide funds for both clinical trials and basic research. Dates for the 2022 competition will be announced in the spring. For more information contact

Fragile-X Webinars

Watch this space for information on fragile-x related webinars. UPCOMING Transitioning Into High School Webcast (P4P Planning Network)